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Gameplay Wheel of Fortune is a show that's better suited to game adaptation than some witness the disaster that is Family Feud, although it's still more unwieldy than something like a traditional quiz show.As you'd expect, the game progresses just like the show, as you spin, buy vowels, guess at the puzzles, and hopefully win thousands of dollars, fabulous prizes, and so forth.The special conditions for late games and the bonus round are also intact as well as the progressively more valuable spaces on the board, and they're tweaked a little to make them more friendly in the game context.For example, the time limit to guess the answer in the final round is suspended a bit to take into account the fact that you have to type the whole thing in with the little keyboard GUI.The single player game is filled with the inevitable downtime.Miss your turn due to thickheadedness or an unlucky spin and it takes a while to work through the other two players' turns.It helps to play this game while you have something else to occupy your time with I found it a decent enough distraction in between bouts of real work.In multiplayer games, the interface is smooth, and the game doesn't waste too much time inflicting Vanna on you.If you're all alone, though, you can always try the test mode, wherein a la Jeopardy you can take the test given to prospective Wheel contestants, which is fun in an "if only" sort of way.

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